Thursday, February 26, 2015

I have a Blog!

So I've joined the ranks of just about a gazillion bloggers. Why have I decided to start blogging? Well, I like to think. Actually, I tend to over-think. But I also like to write down my thoughts. While I have no illusions of grandeur, I'm hopeful that maybe someone would enjoy reading what I have to say and I also hope that just maybe, my thoughts might help someone else.

What am I going to be writing about? Just about everything.

I'll write about my marriage. I get to share my life with a completely wonderful man. I'm pretty new at this whole wife thing. Even though I completely love it, I'm still learning. So you'll get to follow along with me as I goof up and laugh and have some success along the way.

I'll write about my teaching. I have the most amazing job. I teach two home-schoolers. Yes, that is a legitimate teaching job. And even though I only have two students, I keep pushing myself to find new activities, better strategies and ways that I can be a better teacher. I'll write about the things that my students say that make me laugh, or make me think. I'll share things that work and things that I just should not have attempted.

I'll write about books I'm reading. About things I find inspirational, amusing or thought-provoking. I'll be writing about my life.

And hopefully you'll keep reading. And hopefully, you'll find my musings thought-provoking and helpful, and maybe even amusing. Let's see where this blog goes.

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